When I try to take too many tasks on at once, I quickly find myself in a Catch 22 (which ironically enough I had to read for ENG 102 a long time ago). It's the hectic lifestyle of school, work, relationships, my beautiful girl...god. Where does he fit into all this?

Quite literally, my life seems to spin at times and I don't usually know where I'll end up. Could it be as a missionary? Maybe an amazing recording engineer (a geek). Or maybe work in the design stage of Apple Computers. Wouldn't necessarily mind either of them.

And yet, still I need perspective - essentially a reminder of the image of Christ. A living breathing man who was revolutionary for humanity. So my two mid-terms tomorrow I may fail or ace, but it's always hopeful to remember that life is more than simply.......me.


I enjoy producing music. It's not something that I dread like that of the four midterms I have in less than a week or the problem of my keys locked in my car (I've got help on the way). I truly enjoy taking a somewhat unfinished piece of music and turn it into something spectacular.

As some may know, I am currently in a recording project with an artist and good friend of mine. His music is the type that envokes the heart as well as the mind. Simple and authentic (some may call worship) are the melodies that resound from his voice. Yet still, I take this product and mix it with ideas and time and out comes a masterpiece.

Look forward to hearing one of these newest 'masterpieces' in the coming months as I finish recording and mixing his project.


Everyone loves noodles, right?


It's not as though I'm anti-God or anything. As a matter of fact, there are those (like myself) that may have called me an interim student ministries pastor the past year or so. But lately I've felt it difficult to worship God. Not necessarily in giving or singing, but where is the heart?

If I can remember correctly, God seems to be more interested in one's heart rather than the words and motions that are spoken. A relative thought that echos my embryo from time to time. But again, it makes me wonder why I have trouble giving my heart to Him in worship? Sure, I could complain that the sound is less than stellar, or the worship guy's tie doesn't really match his suit... But yet I still end up in an uneasy state of confusion.

Alas, my ramblings could just be a sense of home-sickness. I am a worship leader - I've been one for almost seven years now. And yet, now amidst my current five month break, I feel like I'm in a foreign country. I miss leading worship. I really do. I miss solving problems two minutes before service starts. I miss the awkwardness of presenting new songs. Most of all, I miss the complete loss of self I feel when I give something to God that only I can...


...It's the beauty of the sunsets and moon-rises that garners my emotions. This towering mountain with shadows across an entire valley is easily conquerable. Save for my blistered right heel, the memories of this year's hike are so soon forgotten in anticipation of next year's.

So to you, empowered human, defy the odds and tower the mountains that starve your life of the beauty that God has provided. And with great exhaustion, live as if each day were your last...


I am currently writing a paper. Not a paper on the beauty of raindrops or the sound of trees falling in an otherwise empty Forrest. No, this is a paper on economics, more specifically how the transportation revolution lead to major accomplishments in the field of management and finance.

It's obviously something I know little about, as do most, but the question begs to be asked: why study history?

It's not that I hate history, as a matter of fact I remember growing up enjoying my U.S. history class; at times I actually threw the idea around of becoming a teacher. All things considered, this economics paper is a joke.

Meanwhile, if a tree falls in the Forrest it may not make a sound, but I feel bad for the poor chipmunk it landed on...


I read the book of colossians today. It's seems like it's been quite a while since I've had a good quiet time - I mean, it's not that I haven't wanted to have one. Sometimes the busy-ness of life can weigh greater than that of God...

It's at that point, the point at which I decide who and what's most important in my life, that things go drastically wrong. As my fire and passion slowly grow, my prayer is that I don't lose steam.

I recently watched a movie entitled Les Misarables and realized what grace really means. If you have not seen that movie I highly recommend it. As for Colossians, I can't help but think of the pain and suffering Paul had as he wrote it in prison. Seems to make the trials of my own life seem trivial...