that people consistently commit to certain things, yet don't follow through on their commitment?


I just finished interviewing for a potential job on the telephone. I felt like everything went smooth until the part about I need time off for my honeymoon. See, the funny thing is is that this job is perfect for me. It would be using the skills I currently have to help inspire and educate others.

However, my bride is far more important than a job. My ideal is for them to schedule training hours around my honeymoon; I won't continue applying without that happening...


Today was a day that I would rather had slept through. It's not like lighting struck me during the day or something, rather working at 6AM and ending school at 7PM just makes for a long day.

On a lighter note, next week marks my girl and I's 2 year dating anniversary. Can't believe it. I hope to have some time with her to relish of our relationship...(I think I just wanted to say that to say relish).


I grew up in a generally non-topical church - on Sundays they would go through the bible, not a series or topic. See the funny thing is is that seemed to help me learn more and more theology with no outward express.

A week ago I led worship at a friend's church and heard the topic of faith presented. It was simple, yet profound. He exhorted the congregation to live an outward life reminiscent of the inward changed of Christ. (Kinda reminded me of the times I would teach in a former youth ministry I 'interned'.) To be honest, I think that this type of teaching done in churches on Sundays seems to have a greater impact on moving the body of Christ out toward evangelism, love, faith, etc., more than any other. Of course it's very important to be plugged into some sort of mid-week bible study or home group, but men like Rick Warren, John Piper, Greg Laurie...All seem to be echoing this heart.

And then there's Rob Bell. The epitome of a great teacher. He's a man not afraid to let go; he's not afraid to say the truth of how poor American Christians really are (Of whom I am one.) But Bell's sermons engage the culture to react to God, not simply read about him...It's a matter of faith without works (read James) and what we as Christians need to live out, not simple hear...