...God continues to work faithfully in my life when my faith sometimes feels like it's drowning. For example, God delivered above and beyond the needs of Heather and I when a small financial crisis out of our control occurred.

And it seems as though that these moments in life could easily be overlooked if one had the riches of many Americans. But these are the moments in life when one falls facedown on one's knees to beg God for His restoration.

It's fitting that the story of Heather's car ends with us giving to this organization. I guess the bottom line here is that our problems seem so enormous as I am more worried about a car than thousands of Africans in need of clean water. It's amazing to have a wife as generous as mine; surely it serves as a testament to all that Christ's done for us.


As if I haven't been in school long enough, I recently added to my educational delight a new minor in a subject called digital media. This art minor essentially combines the workings of grapchic design, digital photography, digital video, and digital audio into a crash course any youngling could tackle.

The photo at the side is my lastest project - a combination of three photos to create a new photo...