I've always been excited for summer time. Summer means the end of school, the beginning of long weekends, and the excitement of camping, hiking, swimming, etc. Now that I have a full-time job, however, I've come the realization that summer is just another season.

Heather and I constantly are trying to remember everything we are doing on weekends - we can barely remember what's going on! My only hope is that this summer we'll be able to hike and camp and take advantage of the beauty that exist


So if anyone if looking for a worthwhile activity for this weekend check out downtown's RiverFest. The RiverFest showcases the best whitewater kayakers in the world. It takes place Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


So in the next couple weeks I hope to begin commuting to work at least once a week by bike. I am sick of gas prices continuing to rise and hope to take less of a crunch from the price of gas...


Obviously the past few months I haven't had much to say. What with graduating and attempting to find a job for what seems like every waking moment, I forgot to write to my faithful readers (are you still out there?).

In any event, this is my final week at the Bux. It's been over three years of my life; quite honestly I don't really know much else. The Bux has been with me through missions trips, youth events, engagements, funerals, weddings and new beginnings. But alas, my time is through as I've finally 'matured' into the exciting world of 8 to 5 America.

I suppose I am more anxious than anything else. Bux is an amazingly fun place to work - I've met thousands of interesting people (including Michael Keaton at one point...he had a latte), worked with employees from 4 different countries, and grown to love the company's mission and values.

Soon, though, I will take over a position somewhat related to my degree. Essentially I will be working as an apprentice for a while as I learn the ins-and-outs of web marketing, web design and search engine optimization. It's definitly going to be a change of pace from my current job, but I look forward to the new challenge in learning something few know.