This past weekend, Heather and I were invited to go to Donner Lake to go sailing. It was Heather's first time sailing and my second. As we approached the lake with our Pastrel friends, we both got excited.

Once Dave figured out how to get the small, 13' pontoon boat in the lake, we climbed aboard. I suppose most of the morning I anticipated that there was a slight possibility of flipping the boat due to gusty winds, hence I wore my board shorts.

So we set out from the dock and within minutes hit a breeze. It sure was fun! Moments after, however, we endured quite a gust that caught us off guard. Subsequently...the boat rolled onto it's side. Now this was most of our first times doing this, so we (Heather and I) had no idea what to do. Luckily, Dave was our captain. Although I felt a slight discomfort when we were floating in the middle of the friged lake when he said "now what?" Luckily, we managed to flip the sailboat over.

We figured out that we had to lean against the wind to stabilize the small vessel to prevent from rolling. Eventually we got a good handle on how to sail. As a matter of fact, we definitely want to go back as soon as possible! In any event, we didn't die or drown...which was nice.


So I'd like to think of myself as a musician. I mean I've been playing the piano since I was about five. But lately (the past eight months or so) I haven't really been able to write a descent song. Many of the songs I've written in the past could be labeled "Christian" and many others were just about life.

In any event, I'm just curious what I could do to get away from my writer's block and actually pen a song - lyrics, music, the works. I truly am passionate about recording and production...now if I could just get a good song written...


This week has come and gone quite quickly. After a tremendously fun holiday weekend last week that involved a little camping, hiking, and a totally fun wedding, another weekend is upon us.

I think Heather and I will be hiking up the Mt. Rose trail tomorrow morning. I hope that there isn't any snow left up there. Also, I think we may go see Pirates III sometime this weekend.

Anyway...have a great weekend all!