Heather and I came back into Reno from Lake Shasta, CA this past weekend. We took the trip with her extended family and had a few interesting experiences.

So typically, the weather in Lake Shasta in mid-July is 105F and sunny. That's average. Last year, we had temps as high as 114. So it can get hot. This trip was an exception.

I packed a couple board shorts and shirts and that's about it. Since most of the time I would be swimming/boating, I had no need for anything else. So when the clouds started rolling in Tuesday afternoon, I got a little fearful. Of course Heather's uncle reassured me that it had no chance of raining and our trip would be fine. Little did he know that this storm was the most significant storm in the area since last winter.

That evening it started getting windy, rainy, foggy....and cold. I believe that the low that night was in the upper 50's which is cold there. In addition, the following two days were cold. As a matter of fact, last Wednesday was the coldest high temperature ever recorded in the city of Redding (not too far from us).

So in any event, it eventually warmed up as we were packing to leave. But the bottom line here is always be prepared like a good Scout. You never know when the rains may come.

P.S. - We were still able to swim and ski a bunch, just not last Wednesday. We were more concerned with staying warm.

P.P.S. - After much prodding, I did eventually jump into the lake while it was raining. The water was warmer than the air. Brr.


Heather and I will be gone the next week to be on a house boat on Lake Shasta! It's about time...We both need a vacation.