blood water mission

Heather and I have supported Blood Water Mission for well over two years in hopes of making some sort of a difference to the world we live in.  Blood Water Mission began as a charity by the band Jars of Clay in 2002.  It aims to promote clean blood and water efforts throughout Africa, hoping to curb the current aids crisis that is sweeping through the continent.  Recently, the non-profit organization began an effort to build 1000 wells in 1000 African communities.

Bono, of U2 had this to say about BWM:

As a fan, I don't think anyone has had a bigger voice than the activists in Jars of Clay.

If in fact we do receive a tax refund this year, I plan on donating toward this cause.  Although this world feels hard to make a big difference in, donating to  BWM may just provide a glimmer of hope for those in need.


downtown-renoI read a great editorial on the RGJ website the other day relating to the 'promises' leaders have every year about the revival of downtown Reno.  Could this finally be the year?

The past year saw a few improvements - the ballroom construction began, sidewalks widened, some new businesses came downtown - but many big condo projects have fallen through.  2008 could be the year to make or break Reno.  The article noted many citizens' skepticism with downtown.

So, longtime observers of city affairs can be excused if they're a bit skeptical of all the good intentions and the predictions that 2008 is going to be the year. On this subject, it's wise to adopt a Missouri "Show Me" attitude.

That makes the planned February ground-breaking for a ballpark that will house a Triple A baseball team near the heart of downtown Reno of particular importance. The ballpark isn't nearly as important to the future of the city as the retail that is planned to surround it, and possibly as distant as the current RTC bus station and the underused ground floor of the National Bowling Stadium. But the beginning of construction, funded in part by a tax on car rentals, will show that this proposal, unlike many we've seen in the past, is serious.

In addition to the ballpark, big-name retail and a much desired extension to the downtown waterpark are in the works.  I would love the park to open...and actually be filled with fans.  Let's see what happens in '08.


reno disc golf courseThe Reno Disc Golf Association meets before the Washoe County Board of Commissioners next Tuesday, 1/22 at 2PM.  The group is attempting to get a much-needed Reno disc golf course approved and built somewhere in Reno / Sparks (most likely at Rancho San Rafael Park).

Reno is in desperate need for a frolthing course as my chiropractor friend calls it (golf +frisbie).  Truckee and South Tahoe have fun disc golf courses, but the distance is killer.  Let's hope this course gets approved so that Reno can finally be put onto the disc golf map!


It's hard to believe 2007 has come and gone and '08 is here to stay.  Will I remember 2007?  Probably.  Heather and I bought and moved into our first condo, I got my first 'real job' in internet marketing, we've been actively involved in our church plant, as well as other community organizations like The Solace Tree.  Here's a list of some of my favorite posts from 2007:

I look forward to 2008 and the new ventures Heather and I will pursue.  To begin, check out some pics from the latest trip we took to Truckee during last weekend's huge storm.