Sparks Whitewater Park
It looks as though the Sparks whitewater park, in the planning process for well over a year, will finally see light in 2009. According to Sparks city officials, the park will begin construction in the fall of 2008 near the current Rock Park. The whitewater park is slated to be a bit larger than the current downtown park and will cater to more novice kayakers and tubers. In addition to creating pools and rapids, the city plans on renovating the current Rock Park adding new landscaping and park facilities to encourage use of the area.

I am really excited about the prospect of a new park. I have used the downtown park quite a bit, but I consider myself a novice whitewater kayaker. This new park will be a great place to learn and give kayakers more safe options to play in the whitewater.

RGJ - Council could move park project forward


A Reno disc golf course, in the works for nearly a decade, has finally gotten approval by the county to build a park in Reno. The park will be built in Rancho San Rafael Park north of McCarran Blvd. The area will be great for a disc course as it has many terrain features and trails.

I'm looking forward to the park and no longer having to drive 45+ minutes to courses in the Tahoe area! Check out this RGJ article to learn more about the course and to see how you can help.


I know this may be old news to some, but recently in the RGJ, a radical Christian group from the mid-west has stated officially that "God Hates Reno".  The group points to the latest case in which a local young woman was kidnapped a few weeks back near UNR.

I suppose I could become offended and spat out some angry remark, but this group literally makes me laugh.  I think that God, truthfully, could care less about a city such as Reno.  After all, isn't He all about reaching the hearts of man?  I mean, sure, there are some sketchy things about Reno, but come on, he hates us?  Who are they to say what God loves and hates?  They are so off center I can't help but just turn and laugh...