I just finished listening to a guy named Rob Bell teach on the subject of faith. Bell pastors a church in Grand Rapids, MI called Mars Hill and is known for his culturally relevant teaching and excellent communication style.

His latest teaching followed the thought pattern and lifestyle of people from a perspective of faith. Faith, as our culture perceives it, tends to be seen as believing in something like a god or something hard to see and aligning our lives towards that particular lifestyle. America has "Faith-based Ministries", faith churches, faithful believers, etc.

One point that Bell made about faith, however, is that regardless of what we believe / don't believe, we all have faith in something. This something or lack of something will determine how our lives will be aligned, how we will make decisions and actions. Those that have a faith in Christ tend to align their lives differently than their 'non-faithful' counterparts. But here's the thing: the 'non-faithful' counterparts are in fact faithful. They have a faith in the idea that there is no God, that religion may just be a fluke and have lived their life accordingly.

Faith is not a sub conscience decision. Each person has chosen a particular line of faith. Ultimately, we all have a choice. Though difficult to weigh the options, Bell shows us that he has chosen the way that leads to more hope, more love, more justice for the injustice and more life for the down-trodden. That's the faith I've aligned myself with. It's not a faith in a system or in a building or even in a denomination. It's in a single event. That's faith.


Google April Fool's Jokes
Google Blogoscoped has a great list of all the funny tricks Google has pulled this April Fool's Day. Google's April Fool's jokes are very creative leading to the question: don't Google engineers have anything better to do with their lives?

My favorite? YouTube's featured videos prank. Hilarious.

Google April Fool’s Jokes Galore