Heather and I spent some time in Santa Cruz this weekend to run in the annual Wharf-to-Wharf 10k Run. This was our first time racing in an event like this. I was a bit shocked to see 15,000 other participants running as well! This made it quite difficult to keep my own pace throughout the race.

Running weather was ideal - temps in the 60's, cloudy and cool. The Wharf-to-Wharf course takes runners from the beach boardwalk in Santa Cruz south to Capitola. This race is definetely a fun race and not to be taken too seriously. Take, for example, the 52 bands (yes 52) that are scattered throughout the course. Just as you leave the sound of one band, you hear another coming quickly as you run.

All in all, we found the race to be quite fun and wish we had taken some pics. My race time was about 54:40 - decent for a first-timer. Hopefully I'll be able to improve my time as I continue to run. By the way, the winning time was 27:48 by an Ethiopian.