Reno's been needing a disc golf course for quite some time. And now may just be your chance to make it a reality.

The Reno Disc Golf Association will be doing dirt work this Saturday at Rancho San Rafael Park to make way for the course's back nine.

For more details, check out this article:

Volunteers needed Saturday to make new disc golf course whole and done


Heather and I were at My Favorite Muffin the other day and I noticed that parking along California Ave. was 24 Minute Parking Only.

24 minutes.

Do you believe in logic? Apparently our city leaders don't. Obviously it would make way too much for it to be 15 or 30 minute parking. Let's try to confuse as many people as possible by making it 24.

Oh - and don't believe for a moment you'll be able to park there for your scheduled half-hour law office visit. Nope. Better find a better place to park your shiny black Escalade.

Good work, City of Reno.