It's true. I've participated in Black Friday in some years past. No, I'm not proud of myself for getting up at an asinine time on a holiday weekend. But hey, I snagged that George Foreman Grill for $14!

In any event, I'm choosing to avoid as much Black Friday this year as possible. It's not necessarily because of economic conditions, I've simply realized that 'deals' are simple a crazy ploy to get me to spend money on crap I really don't need.

This year, I'm going to make it a point to use Craigslist as my shopping source. In general, if I am patient, I can find gently used stuff at incredible prices. And no waking up at 3am.

Oh, by the way, my favorite store this year is Kohl's, open bright and early at 4am. Who in their right mind would EVER come to your store at 4am for deals? I mean, really? A sweater for $9.99? Please.


The most attractive male wins.
My theory has held up yet again with the success seen by Barack Obama. Forget party platforms, promised tax break, nigh even a 'Yes We Can' attitude. In America, the most attractive presidential candidate wins.

Dare to test? Let's work our way back into history for a moment (history as long as I can remember). Bill Clinton vs. George Bush (the older one). Bill, with his young, southern accent and clean smile vs. old man Texas. Winner? Bill. Bill, again faces an even older southerner, Bob Dole. Wrinkly, crazy old republican. Winner? Bill.

Enter George Bush, the younger. Crazy Texas governor up against the inventor of the internet, Al Gore. Al, with his staunchly square face against young-gun slingler Bush. Outcome? Bush by a nose hair. Enter 2004, an older [wiser?] Bush faces lanky senator John Kerry. Heck, even the democrats weren't that jazzed about Kerry. But apparently they assumed anyone, even a goofy looking lurch-like senator could take the reigns. Winner? Bush.

Now 2008 is a storied year. The possibility of a woman president, black president, woman vice president. Wow. But....the same theory has held true yet again. Sleek Obama with his pretty wife and small kids versus war-time hero John McCain. Now don't get me wrong, McCain probably was a nice looking man at some point. However, many are scared of his age and inability to move his arms. Winner? Yep. The pretty guy Obama.

So in 2012 when the time comes to vote, think deep and hard about the candidates, and then look at their pictures side-by-side. I'm pretty sure you'll discover who the winner will be...