It's getting time to polish off my Della Santa steel bike and get ready for a great spring riding season. Hopefully the year will start off on a better track - last year my chain jumped the rear cassette causing my classic Campagnolo derailleur to collaspe into the spokes. This ended up being a big mess.

In any event, I contacted Roland Della Santa who graciously helped fix my bike and even managed to find an old-school Campy derailleur as a replacement.

My wife and I hope to spend a great deal of time riding this summer including around Lake Tahoe and spots in Northern California. My old steel bike still runs like a gem.


The Shema is a Hebrew phrase dating back to the time of the creation of the Torah. I've recently spent some time studying this section in Deut. 6 and have found it to be both inspirational and convicting.

The Shema is considered to be the most important prayer in the Jewish faith...and for good reason:

"Hear, oh Isreal, the LORD is our God, the LORD is one."

The following verse continues on this thought pattern by stating that we are to love the LORD our God with all of our heart, soul and might. Essentially every part of who we are from our inner-most gut to the toes on our feet are to be in love with God.

Think about it. The Lord is our God. How often do I fail at pressing this into my life, goals, money, job, etc.? I've found inspiration from this verse to remember God and who He is.