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An Unexpected Assignment

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Life update. In simple words, the Lord has been doing amazing and incredible things in my life that I could have never foreseen. I grew up going to church and being in relationship with God; I went on missions trips to Nicaragua and Ecuador, volunteered with preteens at summer camp, became a leader for my young adults ministry and served on my church’s prayer team.

In October 2020, the Lord breathed a new breath in me, sparked a new passion and instilled a heaviness of night and day prayer in my heart. I found myself at the National Mall in Washington D.C walking into a white tent that had plastic chairs and dirt as the flooring, simple but the worship and fire for the Lord was far from it. This place is called David’s Tent, resembling David’s Tabernacle for the Lord as seen in the Old Testament (1 Chronicles 16). That night in the fall of 2020 changed my life, the idea of 24/7, night and day prayer was birthed into me. I found myself in an urgency of either being part of or creating what I had experienced in that tent.

Throughout my life, God has been beside me and equipping me for this very season I am walking into. He has raised a bold voice to pray, worship and has given me a passion for prayer 24/7, around the clock. Why was I so struck by this idea of night and day prayer and worship? It’s simple, to bring down a piece of heaven onto the Earth. “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10). In Revelation 4, it speaks of the elders and living creatures singing day and night, emphasizing on never stopping singing to give honor, glory and thanks. In an even more simple answer, He is worthy of it.

Eight months go by and nothing new has happened. I kept in prayer diligently because I knew in the depths of my heart that this was where the Lord was guiding me but had no direction or even a destination that would make night and day prayer a reality in my life. It wasn’t until one day at the gym I had a conversation with a random guy who mentioned that he was an Intercessory missionary (IM) for the House of Prayer, Sacramento. He stated that it was a place striving for night and day worship and prayer for the Lord. Instantly I knew I had to go and check this place out. I went a couple weeks later and instantly fell in love with the teaching and people, but what struck me most was the worship. We would be in worship and a chorus would erupt in the room, I would love the sound and lyrics, then google the words so I can add this new song onto my playlist. Little did I know that the words I would google, it would not be a song that would pop up, but bible verses. This worship moment wasn’t a well known song but a prophetic song singing the bible back to the Lord. The definition of prophetic is: one who utters divinely inspired revelations; the songs and melodies were inspired by scripture. How amazing and divine!

Then in February of 2022, I joined the House of Prayer forerunner internship; those 12 weeks changed my life. I not only grew closer to the Lord but this is when He spoke to me about becoming an Intercessory Missionary. At first I ignored God if I'm going to be honest, but when I heard my first confirmation from the director of the House of Prayer Sacramento, I knew I had to actually take what I heard the Lord spoke to me and pray and fast for it. I can go on and on about all the crazy confirmations I have received and am more than happy to share. As I gave God my maybe, not even a fully committed yes because of fear and second guessing, but my maybe, God began to show favor and blessing.

For a long time now, I've had a strong passion for prayer; mentioned earlier, I was on my church’s prayer team. The Lord did wonders during that time of serving; He spoke to me and through me but I always felt like there was more He wanted to do. The moment I said maybe, it clicked in my head, “wow God, you are calling me to pray as my occupation”. I know it sounds simple but there is so much more to it. This is an Isaiah 62 calling, to be a watchman on the wall, to pray and intercede on behalf of the Father’s heart, what an honor and what an assignment this is altogether.

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