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Missionary Update #3

It has officially marked one year since I sent my first letters for support raising as an Intercessory Missionary. Oh how the time just flew by. This last year was filled with heartache, remembrance of the Father's goodness, trusting unlike before and growing. 2023 was good but I am so ready to see what 2024 has to offer, I am believing for big things not only for myself but for those who partner with me monthly and my community.

Here is what has been going on in my life and the House of Prayer Sacramento the last couple of months... recap starts.... now!

September 13 - 16 (House of Prayer Leadership Summit) Dallas, TX: As many of those who know me, I love to plan and organize. For this trip I had the opportunity to organize the lodging and transportation details of everyone from HOPS attending this leadership summit. It surely made my administrative brain happy and I got to utilize some of my strengths to make it easier for a group of people. As we may know, trip planning can be tiring and challenging figuring out the details of timing; I was thrilled to take that burden off of people and help assist to the best abilities I could. The summit itself was amazing, it was incredible being surrounded by people who are also sowing into night and day prayer like I am in Sacramento. I met people and other House of Prayer Directors from Michigan, New Jersey and Pasadena just to name a few. When I tell you that House of Prayers are everywhere, they truly are and it just brings my heart so much joy. While there, the Lord spoke something to me that excites me dearly. As an IM, I want to be able to serve my leaders at HOPS and my community well. My director is part of a co-op that include 7 other houses and I feel enticed to visit these houses to glean, observe, serve and learn. These houses serve the same vision but orchestrate differently and my heart is to grow as a leader, administrative individual and see what I can take and adapt to HOPS to grow, be successful and be more efficient.

During the summit, there was one night in particular that was very powerful for me. the Lord surely met me exactly where I was and showed up in a beautiful way that I needed. The worship team was a mixture of singers and musicians from various houses- one of my favorite parts because it shows unity with each other going after the Father's heart of night and day prayer. What the Lord revealed to me was intimacy with Jesus. He open my eyes that a lot of the times I am like Martha. I work a lot, I put the majority of people's needs and wants in front of my own to the point I forget to just sit. I don't rest enough at times to just sit and be with the Lord. It's hard to hear because it breaks my heart that I am not always the best kind of friend to my first love. I try to love His people around me well, but that shouldn't take precedent over Him. What is beautiful about this encounter is that it was gently done by the Lord.

November - December 3 (New Zealand): Not really a ministry update but I went on my first ever solo trip and visited New Zealand, and let me tell you, it was amazing! It was restful and full of adventure. I was a little nervous at first to not only do a solo trip but to a country I've never been to. My second morning there, I was sitting in a cafe reading the Bible and it hit me. I have never felt so empowered in my life like this before. I feel like after this trip, there's nothing I can't do, in fact, I can do hard things. That doesn't mean it will be easy and with grace, but I can do it and still feel empowered. I even had the absolute privilege to visit a prayer room in Tauranga. The moment I stepped in that prayer room, it felt like home, I'm in an unfamiliar town but at home. I did a Bungy swing, boat cruise, obviously hiking, and learned to be complacent traveling, eating in restaurants and adventuring by myself. I highly recommend everyone do a solo trip in their lives.

December 29 - 30 (Youth Pursuit Internship): These kids give me such joy. Seeing them dive deeper in the word and choose to spend part of their break in a prayer room is incredible. It was a joyous three days that were spent in conversation about the book of Revelation, making deeper connections with the high schoolers, asking and answering the hard and complicated questions and let us not forget, the endless laughter while roller skating. I was serving these kids, but spending time with them filled my heart to an overflow. I walked away each day feeling full and my heart raw in the best way. As an IM, I get to do this as part of my job and it feels so right, and I'm honored each day the Lord has asked me to step into this life as an Intercessory Missionary.

December 31 (New Years Eve): 2023 has been a year of doing and leading in different roles unlike before. For New Years Eve, I had the chance to head up our prophetic rooms; this is a time where we have a team of people serving give words to the people in our community and those who sign up. It's a great way to start off the new year hearing what God thinks of us. The way we organized the rooms this year was different than what we have done in the past, so with the help of our assistant director, we built this new way of prophetic rooms from the ground up. I do have to say, it went pretty well and I'm SO thankful for everyone that helped and served on New Years Eve. We rang in the new year singing praises and thanks unto the lord while myself and many high schoolers danced around with loud kazoos. So much joy in the room and I honestly can't think of a better way to bring in 2024 than in the prayer room celebrating the King.

What the Lord is doing in me: Colossians, Colossians, Colossians. The book that I have been glued to all 2023 and still into January. I love this book of the Bible. Anytime I'm asked to prayer lead or even the set on Thursdays I regularly pray on, you can almost always catch me praying out of Colossians. I'm struck most by chapters 1 and 2. I encourage you today, it's a short book, only 4 chapters, go and read it, let it encourage you.

Thank you for taking the time to read what is happening and what the Lord is doing. Thank you for the amazing year of prayer and partnership as I walk in stride with the Lord as an Intercessory Missionary. If you or anyone you know would like to sow into night and day prayer and myself as a missionary, please reach out to me ( and ask any and all the questions you may have.



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