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Missionary Update

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Last spring the Lord asked me a short and simple question, "What if you became an Intercessory Missionary?" Little did I know that this question would lead me down a road of over coming fear of man's opinion and fully trusting in the Lord. It took me months to give the Lord my maybe but once I did, favor came flushing in. Here I am almost a year later raising support because I know in the depth of my heart and full confidence from the Lord that I am to answer the assignment of being a full time missionary with the House of Prayer Sacramento. I am helping build and raise up a House of Prayer that is after the vision of night and day prayer. The Lord is worthy of every action, every breath and every word sung.

I mailed my first letters to begin to raise support in January and here I am in early May just $150 of monthly partnership away from my first financial goal. This first financial milestone will allow me to take a day away from Starbucks and add more time sowing into the House of Prayer Sacramento.

Let's recap what has been happening with myself and around HOPS:

- March 14: As you may or may not know, there are hundreds, even thousands of small houses of prayers just like the one I am based in as a missionary all over the nation and world. Our director has close relationships with 7 houses of prayer ranging from Pasadena, CA all the way to New Jersey. Every year all seven of these houses pick a day where we stream each of our sets. For seven hours, each house takes a turn doing a live set while the other six houses support and engage. This is an amazing way to come in unity and engage with other houses of prayer across the US. In September this year, there will be a House of Prayer summit in Dallas, Texas where around 160 other directors and IM's will come together. This will be a time to pour into each other, encourage, gain new relationships and fellowship with others who're chasing after the Father's heart of night and day prayer. Currently I am praying if the Lord is desiring me to attend this summit.

- March 3/17-19: I had the opportunity to go with a small team from HOPS to Visalia, CA to minster and pray over a soon-to-be House of Prayer. A married couple had it pressed on their hearts to open their home and host prayer meetings, this is exactly how most House of Prayers are birthed, God planting a passion, a desire, a dream in a room. Our team talked and prayed into the forerunner calling and for the Lord to mark their hearts. We prayed into John 15:9, for us to abide in His love. After the set, no one moved. Everyone was soaking in the presence and allowing the Father to work and speak into their hearts. It was like, everything that we have taught, prayer and sang the last two hours, the moment silence came, it was time for all of it to sit and let it marinate in our hearts. A few minutes of silence go by in this heaviness of the spirit and the room erupts in a beautiful song of singing “I love you Jesus”. Complete unison in the spirit, a rawness of hearts pouring love back to the Father.

- What the Lord is teaching me in this season: Last year I did the HOPS School of Worship where I took vocal and piano lessons, attended song writing classes and other teachings that captures the heart of the Father when it comes to singing praises. As the school ended, I was still on fire for worship. In the past, people have called me tone deaf, told me I couldn't sing and I even have had the radio turned off on me while singing in the car. However, God has other plans. Throughout the School of Worship, there was breakthrough and restoration. I say this because I am currently still following and being obedient when the Lord told me to learn piano. I am taking weekly piano and vocal lessons and improving every week. I am on fire for songwriting and it's all because of the Lord. Where man has told you you can't, sit back and the Lord, who has already equipped and qualified you, will show that through and with Him, anything is possible.

- Recent growth: Prayer has been heavy on my heart for some time now and recently I joined an intercession set on Thursdays 10a-11a where we pray intentionally for the House of Prayer Sacramento community and for the state of California. I also have been prayer leading more for our young adults services. Stepping into and saying yes for consistently prayer leading has given me room to grow with the Lord. It has been stretching and I'm learning more each day how to lead a room, discern what the Lord is doing and resting in scripture while praying.

Thank you for sowing into my ministry as I answer this assignment. Your prayers and financial partnership is a blessing. I pray that the Lord continues to encounter your heart, intervene with favor in situations you are facing and for Him to show you the lengths, the depths and the widths of His love that He has for you. (Ephesians 3:16-19)

If you are not currently partnering with me and are interested to learn more, do not hesitate to reach out!

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