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Missionary Update #2

How is it that we are already in September and the year 2024 is upon us? Crazy how fast time flies by. Exciting things are to come in the House of Prayer Sacramento but also exciting plans in my personal life. I head to Dallas, Texas next week to attend the House of Prayer Leadership Summit Conference. As of right now, there are over 130 people and over 40 different ministries and other Houses of Prayers coming! This leadership conference will be a great time of networking and meeting many others who are doing what we are doing here in Sacramento. I will be sitting in on sessions with speakers Mike Bickle (founder of International House of Prayer Kansas City, IHOPKC) and Allen Hood, who has served on leadership in the beginning of IHOPKC and was the president of the International House of Prayer University for over 10 years. I am excited for the wealth of knowledge and hungry hearts after Jesus that I will be surrounded by.

Here's a recap of what has been happening in my life and around the House of Prayer, Sacramento the last three months:

- May 2-21 (Isaiah 62 Fast): Mike Bickle was pressed by the Lord to fast and pray for Israel for this month and invited others to as well. Our house decided to join in, and this is what it looked like: we continued our current sets regularly scheduled but on each set, no matter it being a devotional, worship with the word or an intercession set, we ended the hour praying for Israel. Let me tell you. It was powerful. Being completely honest, I knew Israel was and is an importance to the Father but I didn't really have the grasp on how to pray for Israel. This was the first fast that I was excited to join in, joining in with thousands of other believers around the word- all crying out, praying for Israel. Through this month of the Isaiah fast, the Lord was softening my heart for Israel, which became an answered prayer that I've been talking to the Lord about for a year. As many of you know, I section lead on Wednesday evenings and I had the privilege to join one of the devotionals to pray during this fast. Each week from 10p-11p, I joined one of our devotional leaders and pray, she would sing around what I prayed. It was beautiful, left me in awe each week and the presence of the Lord was heavy in the room. It was our mini worship in the word set. To recap the fast in simple and short words; sweetness and tenderness filled the room and my heart for Israel.

- May 15-June 18 (Night Watch Internship): During these 8 weeks, we had 8 interns sowing into the night hours of our prayer room. Each intern sat in teachings (topics ranging from the End Times, Friendship with Jesus, and Theology of Night and Day Prayer), invested 80 hours in the prayer room (10 hours every week) and connecting weekly on the growth, ups and downs, and praying for one another. I love the night watch and I cannot wait to see it grow more, it was amazing to see 8 individuals say yes to the night but ultimately saying yes to Jesus. They sacrificed their nighttime hours, sleep and rearranged their schedules to partake. I helped run the internship as the admin. I created the application, held informational meetings, correlated scheduling with people who were doing the teachings, communicated important information regarding the internship and most importantly, was in the prayer room alongside the interns. These are some of the things I helped with, and it made my admin/organizer brain ecstatic. This internship definitely stretched me, not only was I putting in 20ish hours at the House of Prayer, but I also was doing 34 hours at Starbucks at the time. The Lord helped me, He is my greatest strength through it all. I loved seeing Him at work in and through this internship.

- July 24- August 4 (Youth Pursuit Internship): It has been a busy summer around Hops; fasting and internship after internship. Coming from the night watch internship and moving into helping with the Youth Pursuit Internship was a change of pace and a thrill. It was fun working with middle and high schoolers during these two weeks. We went to Sunsplash, ate Chick-Fil-A and dove deep into the word. The one thing that sticks out to me most during this internship was when we had an open Q&A. All six adult leaders sat up front and had the kids ask any question they had burning on their hearts. Creating a safe place for them to ask questions they may be hesitant to ask their parents or friends. It was encouraging to me hearing and answering their questions. These kids are hungry for relationship with the Lord and eager to know and to invest into the word. I left the internship wishing I was more like them when I was their age. It shows me that the Lord is doing something mighty in these younger generations. Their hearts are ablaze for the Lord and are unapologetic about it. Below I added a video clip that a leader created, showing how the internship impacted the each student.

- Recent growth: Man, these last three months personally have been a lot. There's been ups and downs. However, through it all, all the victories and the storms, when I find my identity in the Father, I will not be shaken. It's okay to feel the emotions but don't dwell too long and sit in it. Leaning on the Lord through the tears and reminding myself who He is and who He says I am has been my resting place. This last season has been what I call physical therapy. It hurts but it is so good and worth it. I've had to own up and repent in areas that I've let down friends and the Father. I encourage you if the time spares, to read my latest blog "Burned but not Burned Down". As I was in Crater Lake National Park in July, I was in my bible and saw that I had a paper that had two questions written down. The moment I stepped into HOPS, the knowledge and understanding partnered with revelation has been growing immensely. It was cool to see a paper that had two questions written down on it from 2 years ago, I was able to sit there presently and know the answers to the questions. It's in relationship with the Jesus and intimacy with Him that I can grow.

Exciting news! Recently I have hit my first financial milestone in support raising and was able to take a day away from Starbucks. I now work 4 days a week and with the extra day, I am able to devote more time in the prayer room and working at HOPS. I'm in awe and full of gratitude for those who have said "yes" to partnership. I'm on my way to being fully funded as an intercessory Missionary.

Thank you for taking the time to read and for sowing into this ministry and lifestyle God is asking me to walk in. It is through His great guidance and your partnership with His heart that I am able to do this. It's growing- whether it's growing pains or flourishing, it's all done alongside the gentle heart of the Father. Thank you for your faithfulness.

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